Vincent Gerishom

Vincent needs $1590 to reach his tuition goal and continue his education. Donations of any size are encouraged. All funds raised from this page go directly to Vincent’s tuition.

$1485 remaining



23 years old

Attending: JOAN School of Nursing

Studying: Community Health Nursing


Vincent graduated high school two years ago but was unable to attend university because of the lack of funds. This has not stopped his positive attitude as he has been working odd jobs to save money for university. Our friends at Too Little Children have lived next to him for years and have watched him grow into a special young man. They requested our help to get him into school. He is studying Community Health Nursing so he can help the community by working in an HIV clinic.


This is Vincent's first time on our site. 




If Vincent is not able to attend school for any reason, the funds raised will go to another student, there are no refunds. Your donation is processed by PayPal with a 2.2% + $.30 per transaction fee. 100 % of your donation received by us will go directly to Vincent.