Q: How does OWT compare with other similar websites?

A: OWT is unique in that 100% of your donation goes directly to the student's education. We do not keep any of it for operating costs. 


Q: How does OWT find tuition applicants?

A: The schools we partner with find the applicants for us. They know who struggles financially and could benefit from the tuition. 


Q: What does this cost the students?

A: There is no cost for the students.


Q:How does OWT fund its operating costs?

A: OWT's operating costs are paid for by the Board of Directors and generous supporters who choose to donate to our operations.


Q: What are the minimum/maximum amounts I can donate?

A: You can lend as little as $1, to as much as the entire tuition amount.


Q: What happens if a student doesn't attend school?

A: If the student fails to attend school the funds raised will go towards another student in need.


Q: Who is eligible to apply for tuition?

A: Any student in need of financial assistance that attends one of our partner schools can apply.


Q: How do you send the funds to the students?

A: The funds are sent through wire transfer via our bank.


Q: Are there any fees associated with sending the funds to the students?

A: The wire transfer does have a small fee which is included in the tuition amount being raised on each student's page. If you would like to know the exact breakdown of a student, please email us, we are happy to provide you with this information.


Q: How do I cancel my monthly donation?

A: Please email us at stefanie@oneworldtuition.org and we will cancel your monthly donation.