Ugandan Schools

School in Uganda is set up a little differently than in the U.S.

Primary school lasts seven years. The students must pass their Primary Leaving Exams in order to continue to secondary school.

Secondary school is called “college” and is what we refer to in the U.S. as high school. It is split into two levels. Lower college, which lasts four years and upper college which lasts two years. At the end of both lower and upper college the students sit for their Ugandan Certificate of Education exams.

In upper secondary school, the students begins to chose their area of study. It is similar to choosing a major and minor at the university level in the U.S.

After Senior Six, the last year of upper college, students have a nine month break before trying to begin university.

Many people do not have addresses for receiving mail. Once a student applies for university, they must listen over the radio for a public announcement of their acceptance. Families sit together at dinner awaiting good news.

Once a student is accepted, it is up to the university to decide what they will study. They chose based on the courses the student took in college, their overall performance and the availability of each program offered. Students are able to request their top choice but it is not guaranteed.