An interview with Benedict Musembi

Benedict Musembi is a current college student in Kenya with One World Tuition and the first one on track to graduate soon. We are so proud of him and want to share a small part of his story with you all. You can see what a difference can be made in the life of a child through education.

Investing in a child’s future is priceless!

Thank you for your support through prayer, sharing our non-profit and giving of your finances to continue the goal to eliminate poverty through education.

The following is an interview with Benedict.

**Side note: I purposely left the answers in his own words so that his voice is heard**

Tell us a little about your family and growing up.

My mother died when we (Myself, Titus and young sister) were young. We had not even gone to school. Sikizana Rescue Centre took us and nursed us a Group of other children who were as vulnerable as we were. Our aged grandmother and drunkard grandfather had limited ability to feed, clothe and take us to school. It was at just nick of time that Cosmas and his wife Rachel took us in and became our parents to date through Sikizana Rescue centre.

Check out Sikizana Trust Rescue Centre facebook page to learn more! Sikizana Rescue Centre

What did you study and what was your favorite thing to learn about?

At Sikizana Trust I was taken through primary and secondary School. I attained a mean grade of C-. (c Minus) I joined Coast Institute of Technology for a Diploma in Tourism management with full scholarship from One world Tuition. Doing tourism as a career was my passion. It is a dream come true.

What did it mean for you to finish school?

Finishing high school only would have meant very little. Without a career to rely on is a big challenge. However, finishing this first level of Tourism profession marks the starting point of my adulthood. I am moving out to the world shoulder high. I know much responsibilities await me; responsible to myself, my family siblings and the society as a whole. The Diploma in Tourism Management  introduces me in the industry as a specialist aiming in earning income to help myself  and probably advance in the same field.

What job will you be moving in to?

The training has prepared me to work as a tour guide department and/or Travel Operator. It is possible to grow up the ranks and manage the sector.


How will your degree affect your future?

It means I have skills and knowledge as basis of developing experience in the industry and this will widely open for me more doors in the market.  

Tell us about your dreams for the future.

Having my own tourism company is top on the list.  My Dean of academics wished that I would do two more modules to enhance my competence in the market. Doing that is my next agenda. I will in future help someone in need just as people have done to me and my siblings.

I will in future help someone in need just as people have done to me and my siblings.

Benedict has hope and future because of his education. Tourism is an esteemed career in various countries in Africa. Kenya is where you can go to find the typical animals you think of when Africa comes to mind. Most areas across Africa actually do not have lions, giraffes and elephants, etc. However, Kenya is one of the few places left where you can safari to see them. Benedict’s career is a strong one and you helped him get there!!

Blessings to you and your family,

May we never stop learning!