The problem with girls

For some, finding money to pay for tuition is only part of the problem...


It's that time of the month again... your period has started.

You go outside and gather leaves to put in your underwear...

Wait, that's not right...

You go find an old rag to sit on in a dark room for a week and wait for it to be over...

You may be thinking I've lost my mind but this is what many girls face in developing countries. They are taught that menstruation is a disease, that it can cause cancer or that you can spoil food just by touching it if you are on your period. 

When girls in developing nations menstruate, they often miss an entire week of school. Missing a week of school every month causes the girls to fall behind on their school work.

Girls are ridiculed and shamed into believing that having a period is dirty and shameful.

Many drop out.

Sanitary pads are not affordable when families struggle to meet their basic survival needs.

Reusable sanitary pads provide girls an affordable way to keep their period under control. This allows them to continue with their daily lives and keeps them in school. 

All this knowledge inspired me to help. With a little internet research I found The Pad Project. They provided simple direction on how to make these reusable pads. ( I had most of the supplies laying around the house so it cost very little to make. 

Girls who receive sanitation kits through organizations like The Pad Project are educated about menstruation. This helps teach them how to be healthy and clean as they develop. For many girls, this is the only way they will be educated on this subject. 

I was excited to find such a simple way to help girls around the world stay in school. Sometimes finding the tuition money is just part of the problem, but just a little sewing can change a girl's future.