School for the "untouchables"


K.M. Johny Nursery and Primary School is run by Mrs. Joshee and her husband. Both are Dalits, the "untouchables," as Ghandi called them. They are of the lowest caste of people, but have done well for themselves and want to give back. They have been working to help develop the Dalit and Tribal communities in Southern India since 1998. All of the families they work with live below the poverty line and struggle to meet their basic needs. 

Due to financial hardships, many children drop out of school to work with their parents. The school opened in October 2015. Last year they served 65 students and when they start this year in June, they plan to serve twice as many.


One World Tuition has partnered with this school to help sponsor the students who struggle financially. We have committed to sponsor 15 students this year. If you would like to learn more or sponsor one of the students, you can click the link below.

Here at One World Tuition, we believe every child deserves access to an education.