November Update

Written by Stefanie Harris, President and Founder of One World Tuition.

Our #GivingEducation campaign was a success! We raised just over $2500! Thank you to everyone who helped support us in this. We are incredibly blessed to have each and every one of you as apart of our family.

We received a letter from one of the young men that we raised tuition for in Kenya. He is in school to work in tourism.

“My reporting day was a very confusing day since I had never expected such a day in my life. That I will ever be admitted to a college after after Sikizana assisted me through  high school.  I reported on eighth September and actual reading started on tenth September. I was advised to change from catering to Tourism management combined with a second foreign language; French.                                                                                   

Coast Institute of Technology is a good school indeed but on the matters pertaining survival like accommodation and meals stood up like a challenge. To be accommodated inside the school was cheap but unavailable so we had to be taken to a hostile outside the school where cooking is allowed but charged 6000/= per semester and due to electricity and water bills land lord pulls it by next semester to 7000/=...

We paid several tours to different places of the country to familiarize ourselves with different touristic circuits and likely destinations and accommodation facilities available for tourists and their ranks based on pricing. We toured the South coast visiting Wasini Island, Shimba Hills National Game Reserve, coast beaches around the area like Pirates Beach and Mombasa Beach, Shimoni Caves and finished our itinerary of our tour in Fort Jesus Learning more why such areas stand for a long time as touristic destination .

Our accommodation for the first day was at Wildlife Clubs of Kenya hostels and the following days camped in a public camp sites. We closed for semester one waiting for opening around date eighth January next year 2019, and still hope that it will be more pleasing than the past one. I'm thankful once again unto you  for your assistance.W orking hard and smart to emerge the best professional in tourist management is all I can promise. If you ever visit Kenya you have your designated tour leader.

Bye, Merry Christmas and Happy New year.”


We’re so proud of our boy Felix! He has passed his Primary Learning Exams and is moving on to secondary school. This is a huge deal for him. He was orphaned at a young age due to AIDS. He has not let the hardships of his past stop him! If you are interested in sponsoring part of his secondary school tuition, you can do so here:

Felix Ochieng.jpg

We have found ourselves in a tough situation this past week. The two young ladies below were brought us by our school in Uganda. They have just passed their Primary Learning Exams and are ready to move on to secondary school but their parents are not able to afford the fees. Instead, they are looking to find husbands for them. According to UNICEF, 40% of girls in Uganda are married by the time they are 18! We can put a stop to these two girls getting married by raising their tuition. This is something that we were unprepared for and do not have in our budget. We are praying and believing that you can help us raise the tuition on time. We do not want to see these 15 year old girls get married. Please consider helping us raising the tuition.