July 2017 Nicaragua Trip

Hey! It's Seth here. I'm on the board with One World Tuition and had the opportunity to accompany Stefanie to Nicaragua this month. Here's a little about the trip...

Nervousness and excitement took over as we hopped into the truck and made our way through the busy streets of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. The hustle and bustle quickly died down as we turned onto a worn dirt road outside of the city. Slowly we climbed up the dirt road, entering the small town of Susuma. Instantly, you could see the poverty that surrounds this town, but we were met with the positivity of smiles and laughter as the locals embraced us warmly, and exposed us to their town. 

Surrounding Susuma is a dump, where many of the locals work to provide for their families. The income isn't much, which directly relates to the cycle of poverty. However, the beauty that surrounds this town is incredible. The mountains that rise up around the dump are stunningly beautiful with greenery fully coloring them from top to bottom.

While walking through the streets of Susuma, you can see the poverty that embraces it. The homes are simple structures made of cinder blocks and aluminum sheets. The people live simple lives, and love to the fullest. The children play soccer in the dirt roads and the adults talk among themselves, laughing and enjoying our presence there. They brought us into their church and allowed us the opportunity to share and worship with them. It was humbling and rejuvenating.

After the service, we had the opportunity to see the school that many of the local children attend. This small school is a great opportunity for the children to start their schooling; however it only takes them through elementary school. After which, they need to attend school in the city of Matagalpa. Some of the students aren't able to attend school beyond elementary and end up working in the dump to help provide for their family. The ones that are able to attend school must walk incredibly far to attend.

As many of you know, we have been helping students in developing nations attend school, to help them and their families get out of the cycle of poverty. One of these students is Alondra. She has grown up in Susuma and worked extremely hard to get through high school and on to college. The opportunity of college will offer her a bright and prosperous future for her and her family. She has an incredible desire to bring about change in Nicaragua and is doing wonderful things. Unfortunately, school is very expensive, but that is where One World Tuition was able to come in and help, with the unbelievable help of our community.

While we were in Matagalpa, Alondra was very generous in showing us the college where she is attending, UCAN (Universidad Cristiana Autonoma de Nicaragua). She is currently one of the top students in her university. We are so very proud of her, and are so excited for the future at hand. We are also very excited , that alongside of Alondra, another girl from her community, Fernanda, will be attending college soon as well.

We, here at One World Tuition, are so thankful that so many of you have found it in your hearts to invest your time and prosperity in helping support our dream of allowing students from around the world to get educated. There are so many students that have unbelievable futures ahead of them, they just need a little help along the way. Thank you so much for everything!