May/June Update

New Logo!

We're so excited to officially have a logo! Thank you to our friend Ryan who put in the time and hard work to sit down with us and create a logo we love. We are also blessed to have Clouds of Anarchy donate a few t-shirts with our logo on them for our board members to wear at events. Check out their shop!

Doers News highlights socially conscious, purpose-driven individuals, businesses, nonprofits and organizations around the world and they chose to feature us! You can check out the article by clicking on the link below. It is opportunities like this that are helping people to learn about what we are doing and to help us grow our cause.

Myself and one other board member will be traveling to Nicaragua July 11-18 to do some important work. We will be meeting up with Alondra to see how her classes are going and to pay for her second semester of college. We will be able to visit the high school she graduated from and speak with the students to encourage them to work hard in school and get into college. We want them to know there are people rooting for them who will sponsor their education if they work hard. 

Rigobert is reading! 

Check out the video of him on our Facebook page to see for yourself.  We are so proud of the hard work is putting in to better his education. Thank you to all of our donors who contributed to his education.