Monthly Donation

Hi everyone, Mandi here today to spotlight a feature on our site and answer some questions about how it works. Before we get to all that, we have some great news! You are going to start seeing more blog posts from us (YAY)! We have some exciting things in the works we can't wait to share with you including our trip to Nicaragua. So make sure you are signed up for our mailing list and are following us on social media.

So now down to business and the point of this post. Today, we wanted to take a few minutes to discuss our monthly donation option on our site. This option allows people to give a monthly amount that is directly debited from their account. It's convenient for donors and allows us to have a set amount to count on that will allow us to sponsor more students. Below are a few details on how our monthly donations work.

  1. Currently there are 3 options available. You can donate $10, $25, or $50 a month.
  2. 100% of these funds go to our students. This doesn't cover our operation costs or anything other than our students' education costs.
  3. If there are currently no students up on our site the funds will not get reallocated. They will simply remain untouched until the next students become available.

We currently have students up on the site from Cameroon. We've partnered with a new school that we are very excited about and 3 out of the 5 students have already been funded! By signing up for the monthly donation you will be able to directly impact the lives of these two students. We've included the link below to sign up and start making a difference in the lives of these two kids and joining the fight to end poverty.