Mujeres del Plumo


While we were in Nicaragua, we had the pleasure of visiting Mujeres del Plumo in San Ramon. There are four women from this town who work to provide for their families by making jewelry from seeds. 


They took us on a walk down their street to show us some of the different trees they gather their seeds from. Some of them grow many miles away while others grow on their front porch. Some of the seeds can only be collected every five years. The children in the town collect over thirty different kinds of seeds for the women.

Some of the seeds grow in pods and are difficult to extract. Once the seeds are cleaned off, they must be laid out to dry.

After the seeds have been dried, the women take a small electric drill and drill holes in the seeds. This was a painstaking process to watch. They said their fingers often get cut by the drill.

They then turn the seeds into beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings. After learning about their process, we were able to make a bracelet of our own. The seeds came in so many shapes, sizes and colors. It was difficult to decide on my design. The women sell this jewelry at their shop and at a few hotels around Matagalpa. The money earned from the sale of the jewelry is used to support their family , but it doesn't stop there. Any extra money the women earn is used to give back to their community by purchasing school supplies for the children in San Ramon. In this area, many families are not able to supply this for their children. We were excited to get the opportunity to purchase jewelry from these women. We have partnered with this group of women and starting November 1, we will be selling their jewelry on our website. By purchasing this jewelry from them, we are supporting their livelihood and helping the children of San Ramon get school supplies. We will also be putting one girl in the village through college as well! 100% of the profits from the jewelry sales will help to put children on our site through school.