November 2016 Update

Hello Everyone!

We've been working hard to bring everything together to get this nonprofit up and running. The only thing we're waiting on now is to get the information from our students in Nicaragua to put them on the site.

We have all of our papers filed to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This means all of your donations are tax deductible. We will be sending tax info for our donors at the end of the year.

You can now find us on your favorite social media. Look us up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates. Our social media sites are still under construction, but are being work on diligently by our new Communications and Social Marketer volunteer. Please feel free to share our sites with friends and family to help get the word out. The more people who know about us, the more students we can help!

Please think of us when doing your holiday shopping this year. We are now registered with Amazon Smiles. If you click on the link below and select One World Tuition as your target charity, we will receive a small portion of each sale. <>


Thank you for all of your continued support.